5 staffing mistakes that you need to avoid

You’re highly motivated, you’re also passionate. However, staffing mistakes could be extremely costly, especially for startups. We spotted this piece by Martin Zwilling at Forbes that talks about common mistakes of hiring that you should avoid.



1.    Crisis mode hiring -  Hiring shall be a planned activity, much like what you do with volume projections and business planning. If you’re rushing for a hire without considering strategic fits and other needs such as training support, you have a costly problem ahead. Candidate shall ideally be vetted and approved by all their future team’s core members, as well as company executives.


2.    Poorly defined and executed hiring process – While you’re looking for your next top hire, the candidate is also looking for a solid platform for their next venture. Impress with a quick response and structured interview processes. The best talents pay attention to details and look for the same.


3.    Neglecting background checks – Ask for references. It often is more than paper qualifications but the candidates attitude and ability to work as a team.


4.    Lack of defined organizational structure - As you’re adding people you need to have an idea how your new member would fit into the broader structure. Without a thought on this, your firm would only get less efficient and more chaotic. Consider hiring your executive team first and empower them to define respective structures of their teams.


5.    Hire fast. Fire slow -  Do exactly the opposite! We all make mistakes, and it’s tempting to grab the additional pair of hands now when the whole team is overloaded. However, it could be costlier to keep an underperforming staff that’d drag down morale, efficiency and rapport. Consider a longer trial period, like 60 days or more, and craft key early milestones to get this long-term professional relationship right.




Remember – The best team turns meritocracy into success, but the best ideas fail without the best team to execute.


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