Singapore sits atop in Global Connectivity: Huawei GCI study 2016

From a recent study named Global Connectivity Index by Huawei, Singapore is concluded No.1 among Asian countries in digital transformation and connectivity, just behind United States globally.

Over 40 indicators have been analysed to come up with the results in the survey – Including supply, demand, experience and potential vertically, and broadband, data centers, cloud, big data, and Internet of Things horizontally.


Strengths in Numbers

Singapore ranks 2nd in GCI 2016, maintaining its position from 2015. 


Her early investments in ICT, which include the national broadband initiative Singapore ONE are paying off, and transforming Singapore into a connected and highly-efficient technology powerhouse.

Mobile broadband adoption score has been high, with strong demand for smartphones, coupled with strong supply in terms of speed, coverage and bandwidth.

In a national initiative called Intelligent Nation 2015 (iN2015), Singapore strives to achieve power a global nation with connectivity powered by Infocomm. In fact, in a separate publication by Dell, Singapore is ranked the most Future-Ready Economy in Asia.


Opportunities for businesses

Big data, cloud computing, and IoT will continue to be the key potential growth areas.

With future development of cloud platforms based on
Singapore’s key business sectors of logistics, financial services and pharmaceuticals, the city-state is further enhancing its reputation as a global hub for trading of digital media content and services. Its Smart Nation initiative is driving lots of consumption and opportunities in new technology.

Over the years, Singapore government has been extremely generous with various grants and funding schemes benefiting local corporates. And currently, there already exists a scheme to help start-ups that focus on IoT products and services.



The City of Choice for Businesses

As a matter of fact, the city-state has strived to create a healthy ecosystem in market reach, funding, talent and other areas to encourage business activities. It ranks No.1 in the latest 2015 Global Startup Ecosystem Ranking, and the World Bank also ranks Singapore No.2 in ease of doing business, beating global rivals such as the US, the UK, Korea, Denmark and others.

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Full details of the Huawei report, you may download here.



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