Singapore Corporate Bank Account Opening

Just starting out your Singapore business but not sure where to start with your corporate banking needs? Piloto Asia is there to help. With years of collaboration with local bankers we assisted hundreds of clients in their Singapore bank account opening needs. From pre-assessment to choice of banks to arranging bank interviews, we support you hand-to-hand:

  • Initial liaison with corporate banking managers
  • Completion of company bank account opening application forms
  • Preparation of relevant statutory required resolutions related to business bank account opening
  • Arranging for signature specimen list of authorised signatories who are authorised to operate the bank account
  • Arrangement of due diligence / Know-Your-Client documents as required by the Bank

We have prepared a detailed guide about what you need to know about Singapore Bank Account Opening.

  • Documents required
  • Whether your presence is required for account opening
  • KYC questions by the bankers
  • Account opening timeline
  • Summary of bank account opening
Piloto Asia Bank Account Opening Assistance.jpeg

We can refer you to our local banker networks.